Worldwide expert team over 40 years of experience contributes to the leading technology of clean utility systems.

H+E Pharma is a leading company for clean utility systems specialized in design, production, assembly and installation of production of Pretreatment units, Purified water generation and complete storage and distribution systems for Purified water, Water for injection, Pure steam and process gases. According to specific needs of site and facility adopt design using specific application and modules.


Worldwide expert team over 40 years of experience in purified water, Water for injection, pure steam, process gases, reclaim or reuse of reject water with extensive knowledge in instrumentation, automation, validation , organic contamination, trouble shooting.


Dedicated service team who can diagnose, solve and recommend options to save downtime and money.

With guidance of pharmaceutical advisory committee and active participation in international conferences H+E Pharma has up to date knowledge with latest development regarding the international regulations and standards in various pharmaceutical dosage OSD, Injectable and Biotech.