Keeping competitive in the future from an excellent service perspective which means excellent operation, cost efficiency, secure reliability.


H+E’s professional engineering and service team provides continuous and qualified service for our clients’ long term success. We provide technical support and onsite training services for our clients to get a better understanding of its purified water equipment and system. Preventive maintenance helps our clients get a clearer and timely understanding of their equipment/system status, improving comprehensive competitiveness through reducing unplanned downtimes, timely troubleshooting and maximizing reliability of critical machines.


Spare parts, fast and dependable spare parts for optimal equipment and system availability, also help design a cost-effective strategy for parts supply. Logistic experts take care of all details and ensure the spare parts reach their destination on time.


Software upgrading service could look after your equipment and systems from planning through commissioning and to the entire lifespan. Through system optimizations and upgrading existing equipment and systems with the latest technology and software to extent lifetime of your equipment and system. Our know-how in all process and experience enables us to provide customized service package to ideally suit for meeting individual requirement.