Based on the water quality of different raw waters, we are devoted to providing different customized cold WFI processes to our clients, including RO+EDI+UF, RO+RO+UF, RO+RO+EDI+UF and other combination concepts. The quality parameters of water to be produced can meet the requirements of the European pharmacopoeia for cold WFI. As the quality attributes, such as conductivity <0.2us/cm, TOC<50ppb, microbial count <10cfu/100mL, endotoxin <0.25EU/mL, the quality of the produced water is superior to the standard of cold WFI. The purification process requires no additional chemical dosing unit, which thus rules out the possibility of external risks during the preparation of cold WFI. Equipped with comprehensive water quality monitoring instruments to monitor the parameters, such as conductivity, temperature, microorganisms, TOC and so on, the system can monitor the operation data more comprehensively, and feedback the operation performance more timely. The robust monitoring system can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the water generator. The high standard verification document system supplied with the equipment is developed in line the requirements of European standards.