Preventive maintenance helps our clients get a clearer and timely understanding of their equipment/system status, improving comprehensive competitiveness through reducing unplanned downtimes, timely troubleshooting and maximizing reliability of critical machines.

Remote Service
Our remote Service allows easy operation and observation of all systems connected.

Spare parts
Spare parts, fast and dependable spare parts for optimal equipment and system availability, also help design a cost-effective strategy for parts supply. Logistic experts take care of all details and ensure the spare parts reach their destination on time.

We provide the relevant required Products to run the production. As needed treatment chemicals for Pre-Treatment (Softeners, UF, etc.), Generators (FDA-Antiscalant) or Products for CIP or Conservation.

On Site Service

Calibration service of measurement technology instruments according to GMP requirements with certified calibration instruments.

Membrane and Gasket Exchange Service
Membrane and gasket exchange service at pharma equipment/system with EPDM or PTFE standard and the necessary documentation and certificates.
System Flushing/System Disinfection/System Cleaning/Mobile CIP (Cleaning in Place)

Flushing of components or the complete system with pipelines to avoid unwanted deposits.

We provide technical support and onsite training services for our clients to get a better understanding of its purified water equipment and system.