Ensure quality and avoid standstill through retrofit

Through system optimizations and upgrading existing equipment and systems with the latest technology and software to extent lifetime of your equipment and system. Our retrofit-know-how in all process and experience enables us to provide customized service package to ideally suit for meeting individual requirement.

Retrofitting of Pharmaceutical Water and Pure Steam Systems

Extensive experience in design, engineering, assembly, project execution and qualification according to demanding industry standards enables us to upgrade, refurbish and retrofit existing and reliable systems of earlier generations with state of the art technology.

  • Upgrading of existing systems: if the present generation, storage and distribution system can no longer meet the required demand in clean media
  • Spare parts are no longer available or installed components have become obsolete
  • Maintenance of existing systems has become expensive, is no longer energy efficient, is potentially unreliable or offers insufficient redundancy
  • Existing system is no longer compliant with current regulations or good practice

Advantages of Retrofitting

  • System improvement with regards to final water quality and compliance with regulations
  • Compliance with current pharmacopoeias
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Replacement of obsolete components
  • Rouge identification and de-rouging or replacement of affected parts
  • Preparation of environmentally friendlier system (minimized energy and water consumption)
  • Capacity expansion for generation and storage systems
  • Evaluation of existing and new technologies, sustainability analysis including CAPEX and OPEX comparison
  • Minimize down time of production.
  • Optimized software and automation technology to ensure optimal performance of the system

Examples of Completed Retrofit Projects

EDI Controller (Ionpure IP400)

If the current EDI controller is obsolete and it fails, the generation system will no longer function as the EDI is no longer supplied with direct current.

In order to prevent long shutdown periods we recommend retrofitting CEDITROL controllers which are available from stock at H+E Pharma.

CEDITROL ensures a constant direct current in the system, it increases the overall efficiency of the EDI Modules and improves the final dilute conductivity of the generated purified water. Through a stable connection and balanced current, the CEDITROL automatically prevents any overloads which potentially can harm the system.

The supply of the required voltage and current is managed to meet the individual demand without delay. Transformers, circuit board and signal separators are combined in one devise to save space.

Touch panel (e.g. MP370 Touch, MP277, TP270, TP170)

If an existing touch panel is obsolete, it will cause a system standstill if it malfunctions.

Retrofitting a new panel typically takes 4-6 weeks’ time with the following required activities:

  • Sourcing of required components. Lead time may vary
  • Migration and graphic homogenization of the obsolete HMI with a new, state-of-the-art panel
  • Revision of the existing documentation for visualization
  • Revision of circuit diagram
  • Supply, installation and commissioning on site
  • Functional test
  • Adjustment of alarm signals

In order to guarantee safe and faultless operation of the system it is recommended to source replacement HMI panels with the shortest possible lead time.

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