Cleaning-in-place (CIP) System used for cleaning processes. Equipment such as clean utility, sanitary pipes, tanks, aseptic tanks, plate heat exchangers etc.

To support and assist customers site operations we offer pharmaceutical water generating rental Units. The Units are Pre-validated.
Regarding local conditions and requirements the Units would be provide as standard or modular systems for ease of use.
For emergency, where an existing plant has failed.
For commissioning, refurbishment or maintenance projects.

To prevent System Shut down during calibration, we provide TOC measuring rental Unit, which could be installed during calibration process during on Site calibration or in case of a maintenance or in the event of a failure.

It is often the case that in production companies only a minimum of time is planned for maintenance and rely on a smooth process. However, if there is a failure, unnecessary costs arise. Quick help is required here, which we can deliver at short notice with our profound know-how. One component in our extensive portfolio is our rental pool. It contains a number of systems and components that we can make available at short notice. Among other things, these are: